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20 April 2006 @ 04:07 pm
ok as i promisse to my dear mincke here are the links to download some lolita bibles,(sorry for the lazyness!!!) the magazzines i have,, i told holly ill upload them for her, but i think it would be nice to share with someone else who likes gothic & lolita fashion too, so here you are plushie bears < 3

* as a note, please download the program to see the magazzines, otherwise you wont be able to see them. (i know its annoying but whatever..), may take a while to download, but you will enjoy.

Program (CD Display)
Gothic Lolita 1
Gothic Lolita 3
Gothic Lolita 5
Gothic Lolita 6
Gothic Lolita 7
Gothic Lolita 9
Gothic Lolita 13

if someone else know where i can found the other numbers please tell me!!! ; 3; and ill love you.
im sorry ive been absent from LJ, im a bit busy in the construction of my house, and im almost done with my homepage (jesus it was hard!!!!!)

when my sis back from her contest she gave me this ^^
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Music: my sis playing the piano, beautiful random music.